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I honestly don't recall why I tried SpyHunter 4 unless simply to see if it was a useful product. In my opinion, it is, and I particularly like some of the network guards it provides, notably proxy monitoring. I use SpyHunter in combination with Norton Security 2015 and have never seen any issues arising between their both being active. SpyHunter does occasionally nag for allowing some process to run, perhaps more than I think seems necessary, but it is so easily acknowledged and closed that I consider this just added proof of the protection being offered. It was while running some other software on my system and finding internet access affected that SpyHunter really shined a light on the "problem"...the other software was silently changing my proxy server while being used to capture streaming data. While the proxy was restored after the fact, I didn't like that it impacted other web use, and SpyHunter now routinely warns of the change and allows the settings to be restored, with no apparent impact upon the software that was changing it.

I have never really noticed any signficant impact upon the performance of my system while SpyHunter is running, so I do allow it to load with system startup. As for the slow scans for spyware, malware, etc., I just let it run for a while to catch whatever it might find (usually very little, courtesy of Norton Security's effectiveness) and then abort the scan to review any results. Every once in a while, I let SpyHunter scan to completion, just to ensure my system is as clean as possible.

Overall, I am a happy user of SpyHunter and do recommend it to others who aren't put off by the price. As for support, I've never had to contact Enigma Software for any support, so I have no real opinion in that regard. So, let's just say a 4-star ratings means, "works well, no need for support", and leave 5-stars for those who received effective, helpful support when needed.

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