Is It Necessary To Buy A Registry Cleaner Product?

Is It Necessary To Buy A Registry Cleaner Product?

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Like people, computers can get quick? It will start to freeze up, crash, lose data and do other things that seem to make no sense. When this happens it's a good idea to clean your computer's registry.

The registry is what makes your computer run. It is a database of files and instructions that tells the computer what to launch, when to launch it and how to operate the peripherals attached to your computer. Unfortunately, obsolete pieces of files are left in your registry when you uninstall programs or use them and it is these pieces of information (usually registry keys that went with old software) that will cause your computer to slow down.

You basically have two choices when this happens. You can go through your computer registry file by file and try to identify the files that need to be deleted on your own or you can purchase a registry cleaner. Unless you are a computer whiz you will need to use a registry cleaner product in order to fix the registry. This database contains sensitive files. If these files are accidently deleted, then your computer could crash to the point where your computer is useless.

Registry keys are files that help the computer operate properly. They are placed on your computer when you install a new program. They appear in a folder on your computer and it is not unusual for a program to have more than one registry key. When the program has more than one registry key and it is uninstalled from your system the extraneous information is left. Eventually it bogs down your computer.

Using a registry cleaner will help you identify the files that should be removed from your system. You will notice an increase in load time as well as the way your computer programs operate in general. The cleaner removes the files for you after making a backup in the event that the registry needs to be restored. It will also remove the folders the keys are stored in, reducing the clutter on your computer.

A good registry cleaner will also identify registry keys and DLL files that have been removed from the computer.  Sometimes the wrong file will be removed. When this happens the cleaner alerts you to what is missing and allows you to go out online to find the file and reinstall it. It will make your registry more compact which helps save space on your hard drive.

It is very hard to remove obsolete files from your computer if you have never done it before. It is better to use a registry cleaner and let it do it for you. It reduces errors and the possibility of removing the wrong files. A good cleaner will backup your registry before making any changes and will help you keep your computer in top running shape. Like an anti-virus program and firewall, you should also have a good registry cleaner loaded onto your computer system. It will help you keep your computer running in tip top shape.

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Error #1

I have the following error after installation of Corel Painter Lite: (installation was successful but I can't run the program)
When I try to run the program popup window says:"Corel Painter has encounter a problem. Please reinstall from the original source. I did install it from original source. Any idea what program can fix my problem. I don't want to reinstall my OS (windows 7)

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(Updated: June 26, 2012)

well, it's always much more comfortable to have a software, which will do all the routine work for you.
this is why this question is rhetorical.

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