What Is Windows Registry And Why Fix It?

What Is Windows Registry And Why Fix It?

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You're probably heard the term "windows registry" or even just plain "registry" time and time again when it comes to your computer. But do you really know what it is and how it functions? Many people don't. Your Windows registry is actually a very important part of your computer system and Windows operating system. When the registry becomes corrupt, you could be in for a rough time getting your computer to work right.

The Windows registry on your computer is a database of files that the operating system compiles in order to get your computer to function properly. In a way, it is the brain of the computer, instructing it on how to work the peripheral devices that are attached to it, how to start and shut down the system, and how to make the programs you use on a daily basis run. The registry is actually accessed multiple times whenever you use your computer. It can become corrupt ?and most of the time the corruption has nothing to do with viruses ?and when it does, you need to fix it.

In order to fix your Windows registry it is best to use a registry cleaner program. This program will correct all of the errors in your registry. It heals it, taking away all of the errors and corrupt files that are making your computer freeze up or crash for no apparent reason. As a matter of fact, having a registry cleaner you can count on is as important as having an anti-virus program and firewall. It is something you do not want to be without.

A slow running or crashing computer is not the only problem a corrupt registry will cause. You can lose data from your hard drive for no apparent reason and this is because of corrupt registry entries. If a vital system entry becomes corrupt, you system will also malfunction. It is important to repair the registry as soon as these occurrences start. If you allow them to continue it will only be a matter of time before your computer becomes beyond repair.

Most of the time computer errors are caused due to bits and pieces of files that are not removed from the registry when you uninstall a program. The files are either not removed or the uninstall does not function properly. These pieces of errant files will eventually clutter up your computer's registry and cause the computer to slow down when it is trying to process a command. The computer has to wade through all of the garbage in the registry just to find valid entries it can use. Missing or corrupt DLL files and runtime errors are also a good indication that the registry has been compromised and needs to be repaired.

Always run your Windows registry cleaner as soon as a problem appears in order to determine whether or not that is the problem with your computer. You should make this a regular routine. You also need to defragment your hard drive after running the registry cleaner. Most of the problems you are experiencing can be resolved by keeping up with this simple maintenance.

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