How To Protect Your PC Against Rogue Registry Cleaners

How To Protect Your PC Against Rogue Registry Cleaners

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If you are conscientious about your computer and keeping it running properly then you know it's important to have a registry cleaner on your computer in addition to an anti-virus program and firewall. Of course, like other programs that can sneak onto your computer, there are now rogue registry cleaners making the rounds on the internet.  Registry cleaners do work, but you need to protect your computer from rogue registry cleaners that will play on the fear that your system has been corrupted.

Like other malware programs that seem to find a way onto our computers, rogues registry programs act like they are useful programs, benign and promising you that they will keep your system running error free. However, once they are installed onto your computer you will be deluged with warnings and alerts that are false, scaring you into believing that your computer has a major problem. This problem is usually described as a security breach of some type. The words "security breach" is enough to scare the uninformed user into taking action.

In order to fix the breach, the rogue registry cleaner will perform a scan of the computer, give you a list of problems that need to be fixed and a link to the full version of the cleaner. The cleaner will, conveniently, be the only thing that will fix your problems. Computer users who are taken in by these rogue programs will purchase them and install them. Instead of their problems being fixed, they are multiplied as the rogue registry cleaner opens up the door to viruses and other malware programs.

The biggest problem with rogue registry cleaners is that they look very much like professional registry cleaners, making them hard to tell apart. They will imitate Microsoft Windows warnings and unless you are naturally cautious, you could be tricked into believing that the program is legitimate. The biggest tell tale sign that the cleaner is a rogue program is the enticement to purchase the program. There is a button on the scan screen that links you to a website that will ask for your credit card information. Unless you have initiated the sales transaction with a legitimate company, do not enter any information. You simply open yourself up to identity theft and credit card fraud.

In order to keep a rogues registry cleaner from being installed on your computer you should always make sure that your anti-virus program is always running and that your firewall is in place and blocking any program from installing on your system. Unauthorized installations are one way these forms of malware get onto your computer.  Never allow any program to automatically install on your system unless you know what the program is and that the source of the program is legitimate and reliable.

Anytime a program scans your computer system without your permission you should be wary. These programs can be launched simply by surfing online. Do not fall prey to them and do not allow them to download onto your computer system. Diligence is the best policy when it comes to your computer system.

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