Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Watching Me?

Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Watching Me?

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Spyware. It is the bane of all computer users' existence. It is a type of malware that sneaks onto your computer without your permission and spies on what you are doing. It is especially dangerous in that spyware's spying can steal your personal information and use it for fraudulent activities. If you feel like someone is watching you when you are surfing on your computer then nine times out of ten they probably are.

Spyware is something you do not want on your computer especially if you are worried that your personal information or surfing habits are going to be used in an illegal manner. Additionally, this type of malware can interfere with the way your computer operates. Spyware, when left unchecked, can change user settings, cause slowdowns in the speed your computer processes, or cause you to lose Internet capabilities. It attaches itself to your computer and is considered in the industry as privacy invasion software?

Any change in the way your computer functions could be a sign of spyware infection on your system. It could also be a sign of a computer virus, although sometimes is seems like spyware is considerably worse than viruses in the damage they do. For example, spyware that is actually adware will cause an inordinate number of pop-up advertisements to invade your system. When this happens you are sometimes left with no choice other than to turn your computer off.

Unlike a computer virus, spyware runs in the background processes of your computer and they do not self-replicate.  This is good in that you cannot easily transmit spyware to another computer and it will not come back to your computer when you delete and reboot. However, spyware's main purpose is to steal information off of your computer system. Your computer can be infected with spyware when you visit a website that is infected with the program or it can be delivered to your system on the back of a computer virus known as a worm.

It doesn't matter how the spyware got onto your system. What matters is removing it as soon as possible. You will need to get a good spyware remover program to get this malware off of your computer. The program should also include some time of spyware blocker as well to ensure that the spyware does not return to your system or new ones do not attach to your computer. Quite often a good anti-virus program will include a spyware remover bundled into the package, allowing you to scan everything on your computer at once and block any threat is finds.

There are numerous stand alone spyware programs available online that you can use that only detect and remove spyware. However, you should download more than one program to use. Spyware removal programs do not always have the most accurate database and a spyware infection that is not recognized by one removal tool may be recognized by another.

Make sure you get a removal software program from a reliable company. There are many available online that act like removal software but are actually spyware programs themselves.

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