Signs That Your Home Computer Is Infected By Adware

Signs That Your Home Computer Is Infected By Adware

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Adware is as annoying as spyware and viruses when it gets on your computer. It can cause your computer to have a wide variety of problems and sometimes these problems are very similar to those that appear when a virus or spyware has taken over your system. With a good anti-adware program added to your maintenance programs, you can keep computer adware free. Adware tends to be sneakier than its malicious brethren and can affect your computer in ways that are not as obvious as others.

Here are some clues that you may have adware on your system:

* You suddenly start seeing advertisements in applications where none have ever appeared before.
* You suddenly get pop-up advertisements on your computer desktop even when you are not surfing the internet.
* When you run an internet search you suddenly get pop-ups relating to the sites or keywords you are looking into.
* You suddenly have a new internet home page that you did not request, new favorites, bookmarks and toolbars.
* There are new programs loaded onto your computer appearing in your start-up list.
* You log onto you website you visit all the time and another website appears instead, indicating the host file has been changed.
* Your computer is slow during start-up, shut-down and refreshing screens.
* Your internet connection is slower than it used to be.
* Your computer shuts down, crashes or freezes and there is no apparent reason for it.
* You suddenly experience software failure with programs you use regularly.

The sad part about this list is that this is not all that can happen to you computer when there is adware running on it. You could experience worse symptoms, some that make your computer completely unusable no matter how much you uninstall the adware programs. And you can have only one of these symptoms to have adware.

Why does adware make changes to your computer system when it loads onto your system? Adware抯 prime task is to promote a website or a product. So when you start searches on the internet for things that you need and pop-ups appear, you are being subjected to advertising. This advertising is then loaded onto your computer system, inundating you with the messages they are trying pass along in the hopes that you click on affiliate websites or other sites that sponsor the adware.  

In addition to trying to get you to look at advertisements and meeting its primary purpose, adware causes your computer to slow down because of the amount of bandwidth and memory it takes up retrieving its advertisements from the internet. Slow downs and freezes are due to the lack of integrity in the adware program itself.  

When you discover adware on your computer it is highly recommended that you remove it as soon as possible. You will need a reliable anti-adware program to help you do this. You should make sure the program also includes an immunization function as well to ensure that the adware and new adware do not find its way to your system.

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