How to Boost Very Slow Computer

How to Boost Very Slow Computer

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There are several solutions to the problem on how to boost very slow computer. PC slowdown is a normal occurrence on most old laptops and computers being used for quite some time already. This is not a result of having an old unit, but rather the result of consistent regular use of the computer.

Download Advanced System Optimizer 3 to get rid of all PC problems.Aside from that, as you install more programs and PC software you will also notice significant drop on its performance. This is due to the fact that several programs create some modifications on the PC settings during the installation process. As a result of the numerous alterations on the default configuration, you may encounter several issues with the unit; such as longer time to start up, and reduced overall computer performance.

Thus, if you are having slow computer problems then take note of the following tips to boost your PC and make it run as fast as the way it used to perform when it was on its pristine condition.

One of the several solutions on how to boost slow computer is to get more free space on your hard drives. Computers that are running low on memory space will generally encounter a lot of slowdown and freezing issues. Thus, you need to keep the used memory on your computer drives trim at all times and fatten the free space to keep the PC running fast.

If you have numerous important files stored in the hard drive that are no longer used then it is best to transfer those files on DVD discs or external memory so that you can free up some space. You also need to uninstall software and other programs that are rarely used. Software, movies, music, high-resolution photos, and games eat up large chunk of the memory; hence, transfer these files on an external drive to keep your CPU memory in shape for optimum PC performance.

Another way to boost very slow computer is to clean the registry. This part is one of the crucial areas in your PC; since it contains vital data necessary for the operating system and programs to run perfectly. As you keep using the PC, the registry builds up enormous files of junk; this build up can several PC issues including computer slowdown.

If you are in this situation, one of the best things to do is to run the registry cleaner to clean up this area from all junk files; optimizing the performance of your unit. There are still many other ways to solve your problem on how to boost very slow computer; the aforesaid methods are among the best solutions in resolving the issues on your PC.

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