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I first bought ASO about 8 years ago, but dropped it because it did things faster than I thought possible, based on other software I'd used, and I didn't trust it (smoke and mirrors, I thought). 18 months ago, I bought a licence for ASO 3, and set it to work on my extremely unreliable fairly new HP Pavilion Elite, which during the first 6 to 9 months had crashed many times, on one occasion to the point that the system needed to be re-instated! It was the worst computer - by far - that I'd ever owned, and I was desperate to make it reliable.
Since installing ASO, and scheduling most of it's functions to operate weekly, it has made what was the worst machine I've owned into the one that is now the most reliable: to the point that I feel anyone who doesn't have it on their system, is losing out.
A few months ago, I renewed my subscription, and paid for 5 licences. ASO is now installed on this HP Desktop, and on 3 laptop's my wife and I own. The fifth license went to a friend, whose machine was little better than a paperweight, and she's thrilled to have it working properly now.
I personally regard ASO as the best maintenance suite I've ever had on my computers, and have ditched all of the other less than fully effective individual programs (the smoke and mirror variety), that cost a lot of money but did little to make my machines work efficiently. The only other suite I have on here, is Norton 360, to look after the security side of things, and I am happy at last that I don't need anything else.

Completely Maintains my Computers
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