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(Updated: September 02, 2013)
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The registry repair feature alone that Advanced System Optimizer has makes it worth investment for most people, it does the job better than several dedicated registry solution programs. Add in the fact that it has additional tools that work very well and the fact that it is easy to use for a novice, but customizable for a professional user, and it is an excellent program.

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Written by matwelcome
October 22, 2012
Windows free programs will do the same at the same speed.
The slowest program I have ever used.
Don't waste your hard earned money on this one.
Written by Klaus Riossler
February 28, 2013
Advanced System Optimizer … a scam..? (

I recently purchased Advanced System Optimizer (not to confuse with Advanced System Care), based on high praises in various reviews. When I first opened it up, the interface looks and acts like it was made in a high school project – sluggish to operate, cheap looking and not user friendly.
In any case, I could overlook the layout if the cleaning/maintenance results are good. Maybe they are…?
But here is the main issue:
I noticed flaws and hiccups, especially when using the driver updater, which gave me conflicting, changing results after scanning for outdated drivers – reporting 47 outdated drivers, all ‘ancient’, and five minutes later ‘all up-to-date’ ( just looked at the scan-results – did not update) - sometimes no scan results at all.
So I called the toll free number for support – of course in India, with hard to understand accents.
When asking about my issue, immediately the technician connected to my computer by remote control (my fault to let it happen) and checked many things, as you can watch him do things. The result – without ever mentioning the actual question at all – was that my computer was in high danger security wise and VERY SLOW.
He repeatedly asked if I do online banking and if I order things on line….?! I have the newest version of Bit-Defender-one of the best anti-virus / protective suites on the market…
My computer is custom built, with 16 GB of RAM, SSD drive and is extremely fast!! … and all the above has nothing to do with my original question / problem.
Next he presented me with endless scroll-down lists from event-viewer, showing hundreds of error and warning reports, combined with many ‘oh my god’s’ and remarks of how dangerous this looks.
After repeatedly trying to come back to the issue, he insisted on the bad stage of my computer and that it is so bad that he has to talk to his supervisor. After a minute my savior said: ‘You are lucky-we can fix it!’
Next was an offer for an extended service plan for either 299.- or up to 800.- annually !!
I hung up immediately, getting worried about that guy fiddling in my computer. Additionally, I later checked my event viewer and never found that many errors – as if he presented me with a false on to scare me into the service plan. I would even go so far to suggest possibly having flaws built in to make you call, but that I don’t know. See many postings about this.

2 results - showing 1 - 2