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(Updated: August 17, 2013)
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Driver Detective certainly has an exceptional knack when it comes to finding out details about your operating system and hardware. With over 27 million associated driver files, chances of your drivers not being found are slim. While this driver update program does what it promises at a reasonable price, the unfortunate truth is that it does not recognize anything before Windows XP. While most users have probably upgraded to at least Windows XP, it is one of the few flaws it has.

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Written by Devon Stavrowsky
May 11, 2015
I've used Driver Detective for many years. My last license renewal, I renewed for two years. The deal was a renewal guaranteed me use of the so9ftware on ten computers. While still under license, the software stopped working. I contacted DD, and they told me after I bought the software, they changed their policy from ten computer use to three. I pointed-out that I was only using it on three, but had replaced a failed hard drive. They actually said if one of my computer components failed, I would have to buy a new set of licenses to continue to use the product. So if you are considering this software, only buy it if you are certain your computer won't have a component failure, or you will need to reinstall or upgrade Windows during your use period. Driver Detective will cancel your software usage if you do. They could also change their licensing agreement and let you only install it on one computer after you buy it as well. They did, after all, change it after I bought it to only allow use on three computers instead of the ten I'd been guaranteed when I purchased. See the quotes from their response emails below:

1.) "Anytime you replace hard drives, motherboards, or change/reinstall Operating Systems, It will require a new key, even if it’s the same PC."
2.) "You purchased the software is 2013. In 2014 we changed the policy to 3 computers."

This company cannot be trusted. However well their software works, they will screw you over at any opportunity, with the result that you will NOT get what you bought without buying additional licenses.... and then, chances are (have a hard dish crash, or upgrade to Windows Ten later this year), you'll get screwed anyway. If some law firm starts a class action suit against these guys, I'm in!
1 results - showing 1 - 1