Fluenz Spanish Review

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Fluenz Spanish Review

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How are Spanish learning software courses from Fluenz, do they work great? Read more now.

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Fluenz Spanish Review

Unlike many other language learning products which make amazing claims, the Fluenz Spanish website reminds you that “nothing good comes without effort.” Learning a new language is hard, but this Spanish learning software can make it both easier and faster.

Each lesson is two-and-a-half hours long. That’s long, longer than the 30-minutes used by most other programs, but it’s also long enough to force your brain to start thinking in a new language—and that’s part of the key to Fluenz’s success.

The other key is the depth of the lessons. This course doesn’t just give you words and their definitions, but it helps connect each word to something you already know as a native speaker of English. For example, it’s easy to confuse the English “necessary” with the Spanish “necessito”—but in Latin America, necessito is the same as the English “the necessary,” a phrase used for needing to use the bathroom.

Fluenz Spanish teaches these concepts with stories and analogies which make the words memorable in a way no list of vocabulary words ever could, making remembering each word as easy as remembering a good story.

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Fluenz Spanish is one of the best Spanish learning software for beginners, which helps you build a very solid understanding of Spanish language easy and fast.

Solid explanations, Organized around one-on-one tutoring sessions.
No mobile apps, No online courses.

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