Pimsleur Spanish Review

Pimsleur Spanish Review

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Pimsleur Spanish Review

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How are these Spanish courses with The Pimsleur Method, do they really work? Read more now.

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Language Course Overview

Pimsleur® (Simon & Schuster)
Main Author
Paul Pimsleur
Delivery Options
  • CD/DVD
  • Download
Levels Covered
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Materials Included
Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited 1 software: 30, 30-minute Audio Lessons (in software or transfer to MP3), Readings, Speak Easy conversations, flash cards, Quick Match game, and Pimsleur Events in audio chat room.
(Unlimited 1-3 contains 90 lessons, Unlimited 1-4 contains 120 lessons).

Spanish Phase 1,2,3,4 audio programs: Each includes 30 audio lessons and reading instruction (16 hours) as MP3 download, plus PDF user's guide and reading booklet.
Software Application DVD versions
Unlimited 1, $150; Unlimited 1-3, $350; Unlimited 1-4, $450.
Spanish Phase audio programs
Single purchase: $119.95(MP3), or $345(CD).
MP3 bundles: $230( Spanish Phase 1-2), $335(1-3), $450(1-4).
CD bundles: $495(Spanish I-II), $695(Spanish I-III), $970(Spanish I-IV).
Moneyback Guarantee
90 days(CDs), Pimsleur digital downloads cannot be returned for credit or refund.
You'll Learn
  • Phrases
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking Conversation
Teaching Tools
  • Audio lessons
  • Flash cards
  • Interactive tools
  • Interactive games
  • Travel photographs
  • Culture Lessons
  • Online chat
Main Features
iPod/MP3 files...
Help & Support
  • Phone
  • Email & support ticket
  • Product manual
  • Knowledgebase & FAQs
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
Mobile Apps
Nook app

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Trial Details
Some free Spanish lessons.

Pimsleur Spanish Review

If I could, I’d give Pimsleur Spanish six stars out of five. Before buying it, I spent hours researching the best language learning software and everything pointed to Pimsleur and its 50 year streak as the top Spanish self-study program. (Originally on tape, later on CD, then on MP3, and now in software. I used the CD version.) When I listened to it, I immediately knew why it was the best—for me and for everyone else.

Pimsleur is named after Dr. Pimsleur, the man who discovered the optimal timings for repeating words in order to memorize them most efficiently. He even got a patent on it. Pimsleur Spanish uses these optimal timings to teach you the maximum amount of Spanish in the minimal amount of time.

Each course in the Pimsleur method has 30 lessons which each last 30 minutes. The first lesson teaches you everything you absolutely need to know before visiting a Latin American Spanish-speaking country—nearly 500 words, including numbers, important questions (“where is the bathroom?”), buying terminology, and location-finding terminology.

The second and third courses accelerate your learning so that by the end of the third course—just 90 days after you start the first course—you know over 2,000 words in Spanish, which is widely regarded as enough words to have basic fluency in any language.

But you don’t just learn words, you also learn from the start to use those words to construct sentences, so when you arrive in that Spanish-speaking country, you can say something meaningful rather than just repeating random words.

Since 1963, Pimsleur courses have taught more people to speak Spanish than any other course in history, and this software version of the Pimsleur Spanish course is sure to continue that tradition of helping students achieve rapid Spanish fluency into the 21st century.

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Pimsleur Spanish is one of the best language course on the market, which helps students achieve rapid Spanish fluency fast and easy.

Interactive & practical lessons; flash cards, Quick Match game, and Pimsleur Events in audio chat room.
No iOS & Android apps.

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