Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

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How is this audio based spoken Spanish course, does it really work? Read more now.

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Learning Like Crazy
Main Author
Patrick Jackson
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Levels Covered
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Materials Included
Learning Spanish Like Crazy: 30 audio lessons(lessons 1 to 30, averaging 30 minutes), FSI Programmatic Spanish 1,2,3,4 and the FSI Fast Course as Bonus material.
Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level Two Nivel Dos: 30 audio lessons(lessons 31 to 60), and FSI courses as bonus material too.
Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 3: 20 Audio Lessons (Lessons 61 to 80), and 4 Bonus Lessons.
LSLC1 Platinum: $97(download); $299.95(CD Pack).
LSLC Level 2 Nivel Dos: $99(download); $247(CD Pack).
LSLC Level 3: $97(download); $197(CD Pack).
Moneyback Guarantee
60 days
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  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking Conversation
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Audio lessons
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Get free instant access to lesson 1 & 2 of LSLC and 10 Learning Spanish Videos.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learning Spanish Like Crazy (or, LSLC, as they call themselves) is a rebranded version of the U.S. government Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Spanish courses used to teach U.S. diplomats, and military personal how to speak Latin American Spanish.

Although government work can sometimes be shoddy, it tends to be top-notch when a miscommunication can start a war or end in another disaster, and these FSI courses developed and refined over several decades have received praise from their students and from academics as some of the best available Spanish language audio courses.

But until recently, the only way to get them was from the U.S. government… on audio cassette. LSLC has legally taken these courses from the public domain, digitized them for MP3s (a CD version is also available), and cleaned up the audio so you can hear them in better quality than those diplomats hear.

If you want to learn real Latin American spoken Spanish quickly the same way the people who really need it do, give LSLC a try.

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy is an audio based Spanish course, which is designed to teach you real Latin American conversational Spanish.

Focus on spoken Spanish.
Only audio files, no other tools.

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