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Rocket German Review

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How is this multimedia German course, does it work great? Read more now.

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Rocket Languages
Main Author
Paul Weber
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  • CD/DVD
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Levels Covered
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Materials Included
Premium: 31 audio lessons, 31 Language & Culture Lessons, My Vocab, Rocket Record, Master Games, My Notes, My Level, online quizzes, progress tracking, and free bonuses...
Premium Plus (Level 2): 31 Interactive Audio lessons, 7 practical topics, 31 Language and Culture lessons, Progress tracking, My Level, My Badges...
Platinum (Level 3): 33 Interactive Audio tracks, 7 practical topics, Transcripts of the conversation in German and English.
Rocket German Premium: $99.95(online access); $299.95(20-CD Pack).
Rocket German Premium Plus (Level 2): $149.95(online access); $299.95(20-CD Pack).
Rocket German Platinum (Level 3): $149.95(online access); $299.95(20-CD Pack).
Moneyback Guarantee
60 days
You'll Learn
  • Phrases
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking Conversation
Teaching Tools
  • Audio lessons
  • Interactive tools
  • Interactive games
  • Culture Lessons
  • Online Quizzes
Main Features
iPod/MP3 files, Vocabulary list, Voice Comparison, Progress Tracking, Lifetime Access, Free Upgrades, Free bonuses...
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Free 6 Day Trial, No Credit Card Required.

Rocket Languages German Review

To people who grew up speaking English, Germans sound like they talk through closed teeth. Even if you master the vocabulary and word construction, actually pronouncing German words the way Germans pronounce them can be quite difficult.

Rocket German makes that easy by taking advantage of your computer microphone. When it says a word in German, it asks you to say it back. Then it lets you compare what you said against what the native speaker said—and it keeps track of your progress.

If you keep messing up on a particular word, this German course will repeat that word more and more frequently until you master it—and then it will move on to the next word until you master than one too.

Many programs emphasize learning as many vocabulary words as possible, but knowing what a word means won’t do you much good in real life if you don’t know how to say it correctly. This course is the way to not just learn words but to learn to say them correctly.

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(Updated: September 06, 2013)
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Rocket German is an easy to use and feature-rich online language learning software, which is also affordable.

Interactive & practical lessons, tools and games. Provides iOs and Android.
No video lessons.

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