Compare Top Online French Lessons 2018 - Find the Best Way to Learn French Fast & Easy!

Compare Top Online French Lessons 2018 - Find the Best Way to Learn French Fast & Easy!

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Are you looking for the best online French lessons? Take a look at this top chart first:



The online French course that's simple, powerful and works. In summary, Rocket French is an effective & easy system to learn French, at much affordable price.


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#2 The patented Pimsleur language earning approach is the main reason why it’s still popular to this very day. Old school, but still cool. See Pricing
#3 A total package of interactive coursework and a large community of users and teachers to draw knowledge from, regardless of learner’s level. See Pricing

 Do you wanna see the detailed comparison chart of top online French courses?

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Rocket French

Pimsleur French

Rosetta Stone French









Who is it for?

Absolute beginners who have no idea where to begin; learners who intend to travel who want a substantial course, and for casual learners who intend to gain an introduction to the target language

Aural learners; travelers, and beginners

Enterprise/government clients, libraries, and casual language learners

Absolute beginners, travelers, kids and adults of all levels and persuasions

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Levels Covered

Premium (Beginner), Premium Plus (Intermediate), Platinum (Advanced)

Pimsleur I, II, and III

Beginner to Advanced levels

Beginner to Advanced (as per app)

Easy to use

Yes – although the interface needs a lot more work to compete with Rosetta Stone, it delivers the payload: the content.

No – as a highly intensive audio course, you’ll be glued mostly to your headset

Yes – its interface is undoubtedly the best among its competitors







You'll Learn

Phrases, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Pronunciation, Speaking conversation....pretty much everything

Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, and Conversational Skills

Grammar, Conversation, Listening, Pronunciation, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Skills

Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and Pronunciation

Lesson Format

Audio, video, puzzles, games, quizzes, and fun exercises

30-minute sessions meant to be taken only once a day and repeated as necessary

Proprietary Rosetta Stone method that makes use of interactive exercises and activities featuring audio, video, puzzles, and games, as well as classroom lessons with native speakers who can give feedback

Fun exercises seeking to keep language learning fun and engaging

Teaching Tools

Interactive games, quizzes, listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises,

Listening and speaking exercises using the patented Pimsleur approach; very short section on reading comprehension

Full, interactive suite of audio and video lessons, as well as optional group classes with native speaking teachers

An assortment of puzzles, games, and exercises

Main Features

Highly interactive coursework and content featuring language puzzles, lessons, exercises, and quizzes designed to make language learning fun for casual learners

The patented Pimsleur language earning approach is the main reason why it’s still popular to this very day. Old school, but still cool.

A total package of interactive coursework and a large community of users and teachers to draw knowledge from, regardless of learner’s level

Engaging, fun language learning content designed to give a beginner a sense of accomplish


$99.95(one time fee)

$119-$150 (30-lesson course download – for each level); $550-$575 (full course on optical media)



Main Pros

Good value for money, excellent starting point for language learning; focus on highly interactive approach, and affordable;

7 Powerful Success Strategies; Instant & Lifetime Access

Excellent way to train your ear and perfect your pronunciation; easily converted to an MP3 for more mobile use

Most renowned language learning software out in the market today, with its patented language learning technology that its competitors have taken from one way or another; unmatched, intuitive, and sleek interface

Easy to use and rewarding exercises and games which can be used either as a supplement to conventional coursework, or to build a simple working vocabulary for travel

Main Cons

Clunky microphone software; too much focus on making the program entertaining rather than focusing on the teaching and the content

Very dated language and method; highly repetitive and can get rote after a while; too little focus on reading comprehension and writing

Teaching method can become rote, price can be restrictive to certain markets, pace may be too slow for faster and more serious learners

Not tailored for serious language learners apart from being a supplementary tool; poor speech recognition software


Highly Recommended



Recommended (only for beginners)

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What Are Online French Lessons?

Simply put, these are your language learning courses such as Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, etc., which, back in the day, were completely “offline” – earlier language learners will remember the clunky boxes and CD cases they used to come in. They have come a long way since then, and many of them have evolved to develop coursework that is aligned with the technological march towards the cloud and new and emergent technologies.

All serious language learning courses have one way or another developed coursework that is accessed or makes use of the internet, and this newfound interactivity and mobility is what makes it eons better than they used to be. With the advent of smart phones and technologies, we are all spoiled for choice.

Do Online French Learning Lessons Really Work?

That’s the million-dollar question. Well, millions and millions of users across solutions can’t be wrong. We can argue all day whether a particular method is better than another – and we may never be closer to a firm answer, because language learning is a very subjective discipline.

Some learn better using visual aids, some prefer learning via audio. Some prefer to spend a lot of money living in a foreign country for an extended period of time (which is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best way to learn), while some prefer to take their lessons in bite sized pieces to help them get around a trip or impress their friends.

So How Do We Finally Choose the Best Software for Learning French?

As we’ve earlier said, it’s simple – by going with what works for you. It's a question of what boils down to your personal learning method and what works with your learning regimen. And you can only figure this out by actually doing it. And by tempering your expectations about the marketing behind these language learning courses.

Because there is no one single silver bullet that will transform you into a polyglot in any amount of time or gain any sort of fluency, not at least in 3 months.

Because language acquisition is a process meant to be taken step by step. It’s just intellectually dishonest to say anything else, unless you have lived in your target language’s country. And that in itself isn’t even a guarantee. So, calm down and channel that enthusiasm into patience and discipline and find your groove.

But we understand however that there are a multitude of solutions out in the market today, which can be frustrating for many – in that you’ll need to sift through a few duds to find really helpful applications or sites. And that’s where we come in – we’re going to take 5 of the best ones out there and compare and contrast them amongst each other.

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