BitDefender Internet Security 2017 Review

BitDefender Internet Security 2017 Review

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BitDefender Internet Security 2017 Review

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Does BitDefender Internet Security really work? How does it work? Is it safe to use? Find the answers and pros & cons, user reviews in my report.

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Unparalleled Internet protection, Safe Social Networking, Full Computer Speed, MyBitdefender dashboard, Security Widget, Parental Control, USB Immunizer, Active Virus Control, Rescue Mode, Vulnerability Scanner, Antispam, Two-way Firewall...
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BitDefender Internet Security 2014 Review:

It integrates antivirus, antispam, antiphising, firewall, parental controls, and social networking safeguards into the perfect silent security solution for Internet-connected families.

Ease of Use

Installation of BitDefender Internet Security is easy to follow with provided instructions, but takes forever with screen after screen of click through options.  Installation also requires registration and activation, which can take even more of your time.  During installation you will be asked to choose your beginning interface.  There are three to choose from: basic, intermediate, and advanced.  The basic interface is typically too basic for most users, although it can be extremely simplified for a total computer novice.  However, even in this basic mode it can be difficult to find the correct tab to run a simple scan.

The intermediate interface is more of what you would expect from total internet security software, with more options showing and easy to navigate icons that are reminiscent of the iPhone apps.  This gives you a better level of control over your internet security without needing to worry about having intimate knowledge of the processes.  Finally, the expert interface lays everything completely bare, giving you the ultimate control and configuration settings.  You can set literally any setting from the expert panel, and get all of the information about every scan and malware found on the computer.  The interface type can be changed after installation.


Before actual installation, BitDefender Internet Security does two things.  First, it scans your computer for malware that could interfere with the installation process, and removes it.  Secondly, it scans your computer for other installed antivirus protection software, and uninstalls that as well before installation.  These two features are worth something, because both malware and competing protection software can seriously interfere with antivirus software like BitDefender.

Search Advisor is the feature offered by BitDefender Internet Security that allows you to scan your search results before clicking on any links.  The scan checks websites and marks them with a dangerous, suspicious, or approved mark.  This is extremely helpful in avoiding sites that tote malware.


BitDefender Internet Security 2014 is highly effective in protecting your computer.  It has few false positives, making it much easier to use than other antivirus software packages.  It found and removed malware eighty percent of the time, completely removing any trace of the malware seventy percent of the time. 


BitDefender Internet Security ’s biggest drawback is the amount of resources it uses. Just installing this software on your computer will slow it down considerably.  Other than this initial slow down, the features run without very much additional resources being taken.  However, just having the software open can slow down your computer and browsing speeds slightly.  The software features itself such as scans and repairs can take a bit long to complete a scan of the computer.

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(Updated: September 02, 2013)
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BitDefender Internet Security is the best choice on the internet security market for now. It's highly effective in protecting your computers. And It offers different levels of user interface. This makes it much easier to use than other software applications. The major drawback is that it may slow down your system, and is itself slow in its processes some times. Overall, BitDefender Internet Security is well worth your try.

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