PC Tools Internet Security Review (Discontinued)

PC Tools Internet Security Review (Discontinued)

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PC Tools Internet Security Review (Discontinued)

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Does PC Tools Internet Security really work? How does it work? Is it safe to use? Find the answers and pros & cons, user reviews in my report for PC Tools Internet Security.


PC Tools
Current Version
File Size
57 MB
Operating Systems Supported
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Win7
  • Win8
No longer for sale
MoneyBack Policy
30 days

Main Features

Powerful antivirus, antispyware, firewall and spam protection to suit any need: Securely connecting you to your online world; Prevent network intrusions with an advanced firewall; Actively filter spam and junk email; Stay protected without the slow down...
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People who want top protection for their identity, privacy and personal files.
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Free Trial Available

Trial Limitations
time unlimited real-time protection, but does not remove threats detected during on-demand scans.

PC Tools Internet Security Review:

Ease of Use

Installation of PC Tool Internet Security suite was relatively painless.  However, uninstallation was another story entirely.  As for the user interface, it is quite simple on its main levels.  It provides four main large buttons that navigate each tool.  You can easily do manual scans of your system or set up an automated scan.  However, power users will find it difficult to locate various settings and configuration tools.  This is partially due to the smaller font and partially due to the fact that many things are not where you would initially consider them to be.  For example, some of the decisions made by the developer are quite curious, such as why the log file would be located under the settings menu.


ThreatFire is one of the best features of PC Tool Internet Security suite, but it is also available as stand-alone freeware that works with other antivirus software.  ThreatFire is a behavior based guard against new malware, which picks up some malware that signature based guards might miss.  It quarantines programs it knows to be bad, and alerts the user to those that seem suspicious.  It is a definite last line of defense against malware programs running on your system.

Other than that, the best thing about PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is the real time malware protection.  It is extremely intuitive and effective, and rests on par with some of the best utilities out there, including Norton.  It catches nearly everything that testers have thrown at it, and it does so quickly and efficiently.  For the cheaper price, you can definitely not get any better antivirus protection than with PC Tools Internet Security.


PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is highly effective in its antivirus and antispyware protection.  In tests it blocked twenty four of twenty five real world threats, and over ninety seven percent of zoo malware was detected.  There were almost no false positives, and it removed malware eighty percent of the time.  It also removed all traces of infections seventy percent of the time.  These are extremely good results for any antivirus software.  The firewall is not nearly as effective, however, nor is the anti-spam module.


But PCTools Internet Security is slow.  It will slow down your computer considerably, taking up a huge amount of resources to run.  Scans take forever, easily lasting well over an hour.  The amount of resources it takes to run the scans means that you really can’t do anything else on your computer while it runs.  All in all, this is a huge drawback for power users or those running a slower system with less RAM.

Updated News: PC Tools Internet Security is discontinued, no long for sale

This decision was made by PC Tools' parent company Symantec, as they focus on streamlining their product range to provide fewer, better solutions for customers. They retired the PC Tools Security portfolio (PC Tools Internet Security, Spyware Doctor and Spyware Doctor with Antivirus) on May 18, 2013. As an alternative to your PC Tools Security solution, Symantec recommends the award-winning, new Norton Internet Security. It provides you with powerful internet protection.


Editor review

Overall rating 

PC Tools Internet Security 2011 receives 3.8 stars. It would get 4 if it wasn’t so darn slow! The antivirus protection you receive with this product is well worth the low subscription purchase price. However, the other features leave something to be desired. Additionally, with the amount of resources the program takes to run, it just isn’t something that can be highly recommended.

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