How to Fix Slow Start up Problems of Your Computer

How to Fix Slow Start up Problems of Your Computer

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Computers that take minutes to load the system indicate the presence of several issues and some problems within the computer. Hence, if you are encountering slow start-up with your PC then you better check your operating system for some errors, computer virus, and malicious programs installed on the unit. It is more likely that one of these things is causing the computer to lag the loading of the system when you boot the computer to start.

Download Advanced System Optimizer 3 to get rid of all PC problems.There are various possible reasons why the computer takes time to start; one of the causes could be due to too many programs that were programmed to automatically run every time you start the unit. The loading of these programs could take seconds to several minutes; slowing down the start-up. Consequently, the more programs that automatically start during computer start up, the longer it will take for the unit to start.

In this case, one of the things that you can do is to check all programs that automatically run during start up; and disable the programs that are not important to run every time you open your computer. Take note that programs that should automatically run during start up are the standard system programs; as well as one anti-virus program to ensure that your computer is always protected.

Another possible cause for slow start up problems of your computer is the presence of computer virus; this can cause several changes on your settings and configurations, depending on the type of virus that infects the unit. As a result of the changes it made, the computer may encounter numerous problems; including slow start-up. In this case, you need to run your anti-virus software in order to check the presence of any computer virus, and eventually remove it and fix the issues that it had caused.

Clogged up registry is another possible cause for the slow computer start up. The registry may eventually bloat over time as more files are stored in this area every time you use the unit. The existence of enormous junk files in the registry can cause many errors and several issues on the unit; and it can also delay the loading of the operating system during start-up.

Hence, it is highly recommended to conduct registry cleaning from time to time in order to keep the registry clean at all times from the unhealthy accumulation of redundant files. There are several excellent softwares in the market today that are very effective in cleaning the registry; use one of these programs to keep your registry clean and ultimately solve start up problems.

Just observe the things discussed herein and you shall soon notice that your computer gradually improve its performance; and your slow start up problem is finally solved.

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