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probable sman

I have 3 discrete computers; 2 desktop and 1 laptop. I paid for 3 licenses, downloaded the program and ran it first on my laptop. Took an hour and seemed to be doing its righteous thing. Rebooted and then MS informed me I have 9 important updates to install on my Win 7 Professional system. Downloaded and installed these updates over and over and over ad nauseum. But even though they say they are installed, they aren't. The 'Control Panel' Update portion always fails to run and the other 'Taskbar'
notification is the only one that will, over and over again. Called the support line and eventually got through to a 'Service Rep' and we looked at a lot of stuff and then she told me I needed to speak with
a technician who would have to do manual intervention for $245, $590 or $1495 to "fix" MY problems.
Problems which NEVER occurred BEFORE I ran Reimage. Eventually we have agreed that they will refund my purchase price and they were unconcerned about any reviews I might write because they are such a big company. Their rating system does not contain zero`s or negative numbers because that is what I would assign their support and service.

$only 76.00 and I hope to get it back
24-7 support is a scam
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