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this is a scam

I was provided a license key and it worked the first run. I run the second time the license key was now invalid. Contacted their tech support and tech support required himself to be authorized to get into my computer for him to fix it. And that is scary and I do not trust it to be done that way. Had bad experience in the past.. That is one of the sources of computer hacking. I AM NOW WORKING FOR REFUND.

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technical support wants to get inot your computer
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Written by Karen
June 24, 2017
Do not install this program. I did and it totally messed my computer up. It wiped out my sound and my printer. After contacting ReImage a couple of times they finally provided me with a program that was suppose to uninstall the program. It didn't uninstall all of the program. I had to reinstall my Windows OS to partially repair the damage this program did to my computer. I now have my internal sound system back but not the external speakers. I continue to get Crash Reports from ReImage. I have asked four times for information on how to locate the ReImage program that remains hidden and as of this date, no assistance.
1 results - showing 1 - 1