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Reimage may be good for most things. However, it does nothing to correct u bad User File Problem. Talked ot a Rep on line and they said they did not see my purchase, even though it is on My Charge Card??

Then I was told I would have to pay a sepatate fee to use the online service!! That certainly got my attention!
If the program could fix this User File problem it would be good. The fixing of the Stack is a good feature however

That stll leaves me unhappy with there service to help my problem.

Does a good job of scaning the system.
It does nothing for User Files problem!
Which kind of user you are/were?
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Written by Charles Palmer
June 24, 2017
Andy Centek
I am having issues with mine as well. If you can not get REImage to give you a refund, ask for it in writing from REImage, give them ten days. No response, write/call your card issuer and tell them you want to dispute the charges because of none performance and they can take the money back and debit your account for the amount you paid. Then REImage has 90 days to refute. But if the charge is on the you bill, the bank is going to tell them so. That was one way I got my money back. PS: the company never challenged it!!
1 results - showing 1 - 1