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Killed my computer

I bought the program to fix some .dll issues that it said it could fix. It ran for about 3 hours. Once done, had to restart computer to finish what it was doing. It restarted and ran another 5-step fix for about 15 minutes and was done. Still had the problem with the .dll file. Noticed it ran a lot slower especially considering the computer was only 3 months old. Turned off computer and tried to start again. It wouldn't start. It would not power up. it kept saying there were problems with the start up files, It kept running the recovery file. It couldn't fix itself. I tried 4x and never started up. I called the helpline and asked them and they told me I didn't download it right first and caused my problem. How hard is it to download? That is an automatic thing. Then they told me that I interrupted the program while it was running, then it was something else I did. I get pissed and told the woman to stick it. She told me that they will help me fix it. She would transfer me to the helpdesk to get them to remotely fix my computer but it would cost me over 100 hundred dollars. I had to do a total system recovery. I lost everything. had to redown load systems etc. over the next two days. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM. IT IS JUNK>

everything about it.
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