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Don't Buy! You may become a victim of idenity theft from their reps

I purchsed the product and their website gave me a phone number to call to get the software installed. I called the number and the representative wanted my permission to remotely control my computer to install the software. I gave her permission and as she was moving along, she started to "upgrade" my software. I was really having a difficult time understanding her as she had broken English and she was talking very fast. All of a sudden, she was in a screen showing my websites, they she "unhide" my passwords to all of the websites and I saw both my husband,s and my social security numbers! I panic! I told her that I wanted to quit the install cancel my subscription. She continued to stay on that site until I figured out how to disconnect her from my computer. Once I did, she got upset and kept asking me "how I was going to protect my computer?". I told her I wanted a refund, the she explained that I had to send an email with the "EXACT" reasons why! I

I would like to mention that right now, after an intensive virus scan, my computer NOW has serious issues. I have McAfee paid subscription AND Norton's AND i was having no issues until this rep went onto my computer.. I am now in the process of reformatting!! In addition, I have to notify my banks and credit agencies to let them know that I may be a victim of idenity theft.

This is NOT a company I would trust and honestly, this type of action borders on, something illegal!

I really hope that you stay far, far away from this company! It isn't worth the stress of wondering if your personal information has been compromised!

I could not give this a ZERO because I didnt have that choice!.

Possible idenity theft victim from their rep
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