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I bought the RegCleanPro 3 months ago but unfortunately not satisfied. I looks like it fix errors (gives you a list of errors) but nothing of that really influence on the system, i.e I can't tell the system works better / faster after scanned and fixed the errors.
Also their program has an automatic annoying pop up window suggesting to upgrade to additional program for updating drivers. Who needs that?

Anyway, I tried to ask for a refund according to their guarantee (I emailed them) but no one has returned back with any reply.

I don't recommend to deal with that company!

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Written by Jimmy
March 11, 2013
Have you tried calling them? 1-800-871-7918, TOLL FREE (USA Canada).
And it may cost time to get their reply I think. Their support page: .
Hope this helps.
Written by John Morgan
June 11, 2014
I bought regclean pro from Herman Street as they advertised that is would provide more information about errors than the cleaner I was using. It did not, so I asked for a refund. They told me that they could not refund as I had not contacted their technical support and resolved the problem. I further explained that they were making untrue claims, in reply they stated that I now had the software and passsword so I should pay for it.

When they have your money they will keep it whether you are happy or not, That it does a worse job than other registry cleaners is not their concerm. Are Herman Street a reputable company? I dont feel that they acted as one in their dealings with me,
Written by randall
July 30, 2014
after paying I got a email conformation through Systweek/cleverbridge I think anyway I call the customer support and they refunded my money and I also notified them very quick and easy. Just had to give them my email address and they looked up the transaction, unfortunately I got a Trojan virus download along with the program so I have to spend a lot more getting my comp. fixed. Please people don't download this....
3 results - showing 1 - 3