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Not that much :(

Any company that offers a free software download then says that you have to buy their product after you have installed it is nothing short of a scam! There are plenty of other company's that don't do this & have better software.

same as registry booster
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Written by snacker
September 30, 2012
Well, the guy who called me used MUCH more aggressive tactics. He actually ran 'tree' and at the end of 'tree' a message flashed on the screen, 'your warranty is corrupt', then when I refused to buy his product (no free download first, note), he started insulting me and insisting if my computer was turned off it would crash immediately when I turned it on, when I said something is not right, tree does not do that when I run it, he started screaming, I mean literally screaming that he is a genius and he had more experience than me, and blah blah blah. I told him to quit insulting me and things really got ugly, he just went ballistic. One of the things he was having a fit about was I had a lot of icons on my desktop, he said that DESTROYS my computer, I must remove all of them, further he said I was not running a firewall (I was) and that my virus software that I have running is totally ineffective and a piece of junk (Kaspersky -actually I said 'McKaffee' and he never corrected me, despite him saying he knows everything that was on my computer). Here's the gambit. They call up and say they are Microsoft, not a 3rd party vendor but Microsoft - that they are techs from microsoft and just got a report saying your computer is infected with malware. Then they show you a bunch of 'errors' that are on your computer (all either fake errors or unimportant messages), and with THIS guy, he had such a thick accent I could barely make out what he was saying, but the tactics he tried, the LIES he tried, he insisted I was speaking directly to a microsoft Tech....I mean the kind of lies and false advertising that gets companies sued every day.
Written by Andray
December 18, 2012
you need to activate it with code they sent to your emal
Written by mary agnew
January 08, 2013
Try the support URL -- NO SUCH ADDRESS. Try the phone number -- They say operators are "not available . . . they will tend to you shortly"
Check your credit card company for what you paid. It will be listed as "Clever Bird $29.95.
I proved the fraud . . .the charge was removed.
Written by Jane Frost
November 28, 2014
I bought it recently and had trouble loading the registry key so I emailed them. They responded within 24 hours with another key which also didn't work. They then suggested I downloaded the program again and use another key which I did and it worked. So I removed the first download through add/remove programs. Not sure yet if my computer is faster though.
4 results - showing 1 - 4