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(Updated: September 07, 2017)
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Written by Jack L
December 13, 2011
bought it. helpful
Written by Larry
August 05, 2012
I was once the biggest Reimage fan of all . . . NOT ANY MORE. For me the price of the Reimage software was not the issue. My big problem was the mess created by the unauthorized installation of a third party program (Babylon) by Reimage upon activation. Babylon hijacks your browser and is a mess to uninstall. I would be curious to know if the editors are aware of this relatively recent development.
Written by Pat
August 01, 2013
Excellent Product!

Recent problem: Error messages , BSOD and computer crashes!

Reimage (via Safe Mode) scanned my computer and fixed all issues.

Problems solved and no more issues since. Very impressive .

I am a new customer and will remain a customer going forward.

Saved me a trip to the PC Repair Shop.

Thank you!

Written by Vince Quinn
August 11, 2013
I purchased Reimage today 11.8.13 and ran it. After it had finished I ran my Advanced System Care Pro which has given me great service over the years. To my dismay I was told that I had 232 Registry errors; 1 Registry fragment; 108 Privacy errors; 625 mB of junk files and 3 shortcut errors. I am now very sceptical about Reimage for from the hype I expected it to be near perfect. I am so disappointed as I feel that I have been conned.
Written by Michael Lee
September 18, 2013
I absolutely love this product, and a tech from Malware Bytes recommended their site. I purchased the 1 year for $69.95 with tech support. I ran the scan and I was shocked to find out my O S was so unstable mostly from corrupted DLLS from Programs that I installed and later uninstalled. I was pleased the system removed the corrupted and incomplete files and installed with new files performed a stability check as well as load windows updates. I have Windows 7 Home Premium on my Desktop HP Pavilion and it's just a little over a year old, I also called Micro Center in the Denver metro area and was quoted $100 for a starting fee to repair and I thought to myself I just saved a lot of money too. I am glad their are on line repair centers like REIMAGE and besides saving me money as well as time, if I had to take into a shop I would be without my computer for at least 2 weeks and since I paying for internet too.
Written by don in Savannah
January 05, 2014
I bought this several months and it ran well and seemed to have cleaned my PC with no negative effects. On hassle it that you must manually reinstall all Microsoft updates as it does not add them. And if you suspect they are part of the problem, them you are I a loop. I tried to call Tech Service (advertised as 24/7) for the first time today (Sunday AM). Online chat was unavailable and Tech Service required me to leave a call back number. Not 24/7. Still waiting.
Written by jamie mccoy
January 29, 2014
I bought and downloaded this software from reimage. When strange folders started moving around in my personal files it got me thinking. I started looking around in the reimage files and found many places and things that reimage says the software wasn't going to do. It attacked my personal files, and when I uninstalled it, it hijacked my home network. DO NOT INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE!
Written by Steve Fioley
March 16, 2014
Neither my computer nor my internet connection are particularly slow but it takes an inordinate length of time when it gets to 89% of the Fixing Phase, the "Stability Check".
Written by Chris
April 30, 2014
I bought ReImage because my computer was crashing on start up. After the first use of reImage, it stopped crashing.
ReImage had found & corrected several stability problems.
A few days later it crashed again so I used ReImage again. It uploaded a lot of new files but could not install all of them.
It advised me to contact customer support. As it was late in the evening I didn't contact customer support but shut the computer down.
The next day it started windows but couldn't start windows explorer. So the screen was blank; no icons or anything else.
I used alt/ctrl/del to open the task manager & some how managed to go online & download regpro from pareto logic.
Regpro restored all the missing files & started windows explorer.
So I don't trust ReImage. I emailed them & asked for a full refund. But they wont listen.
Written by Luanne Miller
May 03, 2014
I used reimage plus to clean and speed my laptop.....It caused a crash in the computer and they could not get it going again. I had nothing wrong with it before running their program that was to clean it and check it. They just said sorry and now I have to buy a new computer.

94 results - showing 1 - 10  
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