Webroot Spy Sweeper Review (Discontinued)

Webroot Spy Sweeper Review (Discontinued)

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Webroot Spy Sweeper Review (Discontinued)

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Does Webroot Spy Sweeper really work? How does it work? Is it safe to use? We've compared and reviewed Webroot Spy Sweeper software. Don't miss my personal review before making your decision.

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File Size
44.8 MB
Operating Systems Supported
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Win7
$29.95 (1 computer per year)
MoneyBack Policy
30 days

Main Features

Advanced Anti-spyware Detection and Removal; Real-Time Anti-spyware Solution; Enhanced Rootkit Discovery Methods...
Recommended for
People who want blockbuster spyware protection, and may already have an AntiVirus product installed.
Technical Support Options
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat
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  • Knowledgebase/FAQs
  • User Guide
  • Video Tutorials

Free Trial Available

Trial Limitations
Only for scanning, a registered version is required to remove found spywares.

Webroot Spy Sweeper Review:

Ease of Use

Spy Sweeper is extremely easy to use for any novice or advanced user.  It has tabs for all the major features, as well as easy to understand icons for quick scans of the system and retrieving updates.  Installation is simple, and set up does not require complex configurations. Instead, Webroot Spy Sweeper has intuitive, well thought out recommended settings that work very well with no tampering necessary.  However, advanced users can easily change configuration settings if they so choose with the various menus available. 


The best feature of Webroot Spy Sweeper software is that it runs stealthily.  Even malware that is designed to search out and disable anti spyware does not stand a chance.  Spy Sweeper is so sly that well before the malware can find and attack the software, it has already been detected and quarantined or deleted.  This enables Spy Sweeper to be the most effective anti-spyware available on the market.

Another big bonus for Spy Sweeper is that it is constantly updating definitions, and the easy to use interface always lets you know when an update is available.  Not only are spyware definitions updated, but you also get protection from data miners, adware and much more with this software, and these are also continuously updated.  This continuous updating makes it very easy to ensure your computer is completely protected.  These two features combined give Webroot Spy Sweeper the high rating for effectiveness that it has received from several reviewers.


Webroot Spy Sweeper is extremely effective in combating against major threats.  It easily detects spyware, but also malware, parasites, data miners, adware, and more.  This protects your computer and your personal information effectively.  Editors agree that this is the best spyware software you can get.  It also safely removes malware from your computer, either from quarantine or with an option to delete automatically from your computer.  Malware is detected, isolated and deleted before it can ever affect your computer.  Webroot Spy Sweeper is also very good at removing all components of spyware and adware before it can make any changes to your system settings or registry, making complete removal of the threat more effective.


It is rare, but there are not really any drawbacks to Webroot Spy Sweeper.  It runs quickly, uses few resources, and is extremely effective.  The price is even reasonable.  About the only drawback Spy Sweeper carries is that it is not compatible with some third party anti-virus software, so check out compatibility before you buy.  Otherwise you may wind up with something you can’t use with your current anti-virus software. 

Updated News: Spy Sweeper was discontinued, no longer for sale

Its publisher Webroot discontinued this software at October 2011, and integrated the antispyware & antimalware protection features into their new product Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus.

Editor review

Overall rating 

Webroot Spy Sweeper receives four stars. The only thing this software has going against it is the fact that it is not compatible with all third party anti-virus software. Webroot Spy Sweeper is easily the best anti spyware software on the market today. It runs in stealth mode, making it able to catch and quarantine any spyware long before it has a chance to infect your computer.

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